Certified Culture Coaching

Timothy Tiryaki, PCC

Founder, Maslow Research Center

Welcome to North America’s first Certified Culture Coaching Program, focusing exclusively on strategy-culture alignment and culture dynamics of large corporations.
This program helps participants understand the intricacies of organizational systems, the mechanics of culture, and the changing needs at work. 
Join to learn how to effectively support organizations in creating a people-focused, productive, and engaging workplace culture.

For additional support

Vanessa Raber 

Director, Program Management
Please feel free to reach out to Maslow's Learning Experience team with any questions you may have about this project learning opportunity and any of the resources provided in the learning hub.
Email: learning@maslowleadership.com.

Certified Culture Coaching (CCC)

While the bulk of your course will take place during five weeks of live sessions, participants will use our learning hub to complete their Certified Culture Coaching program. Here you will find relevant resources, recordings of the live sessions, your knowledge exam, and your program certificate.
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