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Preparing Leaders for the Post-COVID Era

Our coach training and corporate consultation programs bring focus to the needs of individuals within an organization. Through meeting these needs, Maslowian learners will help usher in a new leadership paradigm.

Our Programs

Participants gain insights into the relationship between Self-Actualization and the North Star Framework, learn motivation theory and needs, develop improved communication to express their needs, and cultivate empathy and questioning skills for understanding and exploring others' needs. The North Star Framework© is used to focus on six key pillars: purpose, vision, values, goals, strengths, and dynamics. 

  • Coaching for Self-Actualization
  • ICF CCE Program 12.5 hours
  • Asynchronous

Introduction to Executive Culture Coaching©. It enables participants to use the Culture Levers © framework with Senior Leaders of an Organization.

• ICF CCE Program 3 hours
• Asynchronous

Our executive culture coaches become experts in organizational culture and coaching; they understand the interaction between individual behaviours and group behaviours, can coach executives both individually and in groups, have a meta-understanding of how to use survey data to inform coaching, and are adaptive to different culture models.

• ICF CCE Program 30 hours
• Synchronous - Through Zoom online meetings
• 8 weeks back-to-back

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Team Maslow

Our team of coaches, admins, and support staff are here to ensure you have a first-class education experience

Timothy Tiryaki, PCC
PHD Candidate, M.ED.


Chloe Tiryaki,

Director of Operations and Enrollment

Vanessa Raber,

Learning & Analytics Manager

Frequently asked questions

Here are just a few points:
  • Our programs are recently developed with the latest research and findings.
  • Our founders are thought leaders grounded in both research and practice.
  • Our programs are ICF accredited.
  • We specialize in corporate coaching practices for Fortune 500s, large organizations, and Best Workplaces in North America.
We currently have 3 certifications:
  • Executive Culture Coaching (CECC - Certified Executive Culture Coach -CCE)
  • Culture Levers - CCE
  • North Star Coaching - CCE
Our North Star and Culture Levers training programs are designed to be asynchronous, allowing you to manage your own schedule and learn at your own pace. The next CECC cohort will commence in February, and you can find specific dates on our website: https://maslowresearch.com/. Should you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]..
Addition to the coach certification programs we also provide:
  • Coaching and consulting services to corporate clients,
  • Keynote Speaking and Executive Presentations for mid-and large-size organizations. 
  • We can measure your culture through Culture Actualization Index©
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