Maslow North Star Coaching  + Culture Levers

Coaching for Self - Actualization

What's included?

Maslow North Star Coaching 12,5h 

This fully asynchronous CCE program is a highly impactful and condensed leadership coaching certificate program and enables participants to use the North Star Framework© with individuals, in one-on-one coaching sessions.
Participants will learn about the relationship between self-actualization and the North Star framework, work on their own North Star and learn about effective one-on-one coaching skills.

Culture Levers 3h 

This fully asynchronous program is an introduction to Executive Culture Coaching and enables participants to use the Culture Levers© framework with senior leaders of an organization.
Participants will learn about the three ways of leading culture, the recent research on Culture-Actualization, and the changing hierarchy of needs at work.


Maslow North Star Coaching + Culture Levers

This bundle will introduce Organizational Culture Coaching while enabling participants to use North Star Framework© with individuals in one-on-one coaching sessions.

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